Kylie Cosmetics Lipkit Review

I did it! I got my hands on 2 of the Kylie Cosmetics LipKits and on my very first try! I thought I would blog about my experience as many customers have complained about not being able to purchase these bad boys due to the website not loading or all of the lipkits selling out in minutes.

I found out about the restock via KylieCosmetics Instagram and it was very clear.The restock would be on Wednesday 3/23 at 4pm PT. They do announce the restock date/time 1-2 days before. So Wednesday, 3:55pm rolled around – I grabbed my laptop and prepared to go to war. The site is essentially “closed” until the restock time so you can’t add anything to your cart beforehand. As soon as it turned 4:00pm on the dot, I refreshed my page and boom, we were live, people. I added “22” and “True Brown K” to my cart, hit checkout, entered my payment info and that was it! It felt like any other online shopping experience for me. I’m not sure if I was just lucky or if it was because I didn’t buy more lipkits, but it was super easy. It was literally a 3 minute ordeal.

Now, on to the good stuff. I received my lipkits in the mail Monday[3 business days after I purchased, impressing!] and I obviously had to do a look with them right away. Check out True Brown K and 22 below!


These liquid lipsticks/liners are actually pretty fabulous. Both are extremely smooth which creates an easy application. I started off with the lip liner, lined my lips and completely filled them in. They are like any other typical liner pencil in where you sharpen them versus the roll up lip liners. Next, I went over my lips with the liquid lipsticks. First thing I noticed was that they were scented. Not a strong scent, just a hint of cherry and/or vanilla. I can’t decide what scent it actually is. Either way, the scent is subtle – I could do with or without it. The liquid lippies dried within 1.5 minutes and left a beautiful matte finish.

My favorite part about these kits is that they are NOT drying. Many “Matte” products, especially liquid lipsticks, tend to be drying and uncomfortable. I didn’t feel the need to put anything over top the liquid lipsticks. I even took a Kleenex tissue and kissed it a few times to see if the lipsticks easily came off and they didn’t!

I chose 22 and True Brown K because I don’t have any lipsticks that look similar, especially 22. 22 is a color I’ve never really seen before. It’s red with subtle orange undertones. It’s not a bright red with bright oranges, as you can tell in the pictures.

All in all, I will definitely be ordering more of these lipkits. I’m actually really excited to see what other colors Kylie comes out with! The formula is smooth, non-drying, and a plus is that you get a lip liner and liquid lipstick all in one. With shipping and tax, each kit comes out to about $35.00. Definitely a little pricey, but there are a ton of liquid lipsticks out there that are around $22 for just the liquid lipstick itself so might as well spend a little more and get a lip liner. Please leave any questions you might have! I know spending $35 on a lipkit can be risky for some so if you have any questions/concerns, I would love to help! Thanks for reading xo



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