Colourpop Review/MOTD

Colourpop has been on my radar for quite some time now. I first heard about the brand through Youtube, of course, but for some reason I wasn’t really intrigued until I saw that they recently came out with Eyebrow pencils.

I have been faithfully using Anastacia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz for years- it’s been my go to. When I saw Desi Perkins talk about her new Colourpop brow pencil on snap chat and she said it was only $5, I was intrigued. I went to their website, ordered the brow pencil in Dope Taupe, a blush [Between the Sheets] and an eye shadow [Nillionaire]. My grand total came out to $18, thanks to a $5 first time buyer coupon. A week later and I received my package!

“Dearest Jessica, Yo da Best!! Xoxo Colourpop” I thought the note was so cute! It’s nice to see brands take the time to do something a little extra for their customers. On the right is a swatch of both the eye shadow and blush.

I used the blush and eyebrow pencil for this makeup look this weekend.


Blush [Between the Sheets]: When I first swatched this blush, the first thing I noticed was how creamy the  formula was. It felt like butter! Didn’t feel like your typical powder blush. Once I put it on, I did have to build the color. I’m not sure if I should be using a specific brush for this blush but it took me a while to actually see the blush on my skin (if you have any tips, please leave a comment!). The color is a beautiful matte pinky-brown and for the price, $8, I’ll definitely be trying out some of their other blushes.  I don’t love this blush quite yet but I think there is potential.

Brow Pencil [Dope Taupe]: LOVE. This color works perfectly with my brows. It is a roll-up brow pencil just like the brow wiz by ABH. Because I don’t really have brow “tails” I have to create my own and this worked just as great as my brow wiz. You really cannot beat the price of this baby. $5 compared to $22. it’s definitely a winner in my book. Thanks Colourpop!



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