Favorite product at the moment..

Actually goes to a hair product! I have naturally curly hair- I’m talking poodle looking curls. I blow dry my hair once a week and retouch it by straightening my roots and waving my hair throughout the week. I keep it fresh by using Morroccanoil Dry Shampoo which was suggested to me by my awesome hair stylist. I have gone through tons and tons of Dry Shampoos but this by far is my favorite. BUT, it is not what we are here to talk about. The real star of this blog post is Big Sexy Hair’s Powder Play which is a volumizing and texturizing powder.

This bad boy really works! I was skeptical at first because just like dry shampoo, I have tried a ton of “volumizing” hair products that just didn’t work for me. I read reviews and everyone seemed to love it. For $10.39 on Amazon, I went for it!


Because I don’t wash my hair often, it starts getting flat and dull after a few days. What I do with this powder is section my hair off just right underneath the very top roots, as if you were going to tease it to give it more volume.I dust the powder on the roots, put my fingers through my hair and just tease it with my fingers. In seconds, this powder somehow adds volume to your hair! I pull down the top section of my hair to hide the “teasing” and wa-lah! Because it does add a ton of volume, I lightly dust the powder at the ends of my hair to balance out the volume. You want to make sure you do this so you don’t look like you’re from the 70’s- all party at the top and nothing going on at the bottom. If your hair is in desperate need for volume, this product is the one for you! Thanks for reading xx


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