My Favorite ‘Beauty Guru’ on Youtube

goes to Desi Perkins – check her youtube out!

I have been watching Youtube beauty gurus for about 4 years now.I actually remember when I first discovered makeup/hair tutorials. It was the summer of 2012 and I was on an extremely boring trip to Cape Cod with a family I used to nanny for. There was basically nothing to do- everyone went to bed around 8pm and there was no TV (first world problems, I know). Luckily I had my laptop!! My sissy told me to watch a hair tutorial on Youtube to get some tips on how to blow dry my hair. The first beauty guru I ever watched was the infamous Carli Bybel. I had opened Pandora’s box of makeup/hair tutorials!! I spent the next few hours staying up, watching tutorials and have continued to spend my free time watching tutorials.

As time has passed, I  have obviously found new Youtubers to watch.I have been watching Desi now for about a year and I just love the way she produces her videos, her makeup skills, and it also helps that she’s funny. I follow her on Snapchat and she’s hysterical! She puts in hours of editing to make her videos look professional, which is something I can appreciate because it’s easy to not go above and beyond when you’re your own boss.

I have tried to recreate some of her looks and although they don’t turn out as good, I’ve learned some tips on how to improve my own makeup. I’ll keep practicing until I get on her level ;). If you haven’t already, definitely check her Youtube out. She has a mix of subtle makeup, dramatic makeup, fashion lookbooks, and incredible vlogs. Desi, you the shit girl! xo



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