Hello, Oregon..

I had the most wonderful trip to Oregon this past weekend. My best friend and I went to visit our Tia in Troutdale, Oregon which is about 15 minutes to Portland. We planned on going on hikes and just exploring so I don’t have any exciting makeup pictures to share BUT I do have some fun photos of our hikes, places we ate, etc.

We went on a few hikes (Onetona Falls, Horestail Trail) and saw the most incredible waterfalls! It wasn’t until we saw the first waterfall that I realized that I have never seen an actual waterfall in person until now! We ate at the famous Pok Pok, had dessert at Salt and Straw and Blue Star Donuts. Portland is a beautiful city and I can’t wait to go back!

I will be posting on how to pack your makeup when you travel later this week. Xx..


4 thoughts on “Hello, Oregon..

  1. *LOL* Make up is not the only thing that’s exciting. Your sans make up hike looks quite an epic on its own. How long was the hike? Hiking with make up on attracts bugs~~ perhaps that would be too exciting.


    1. Lol yes, makeup is most definitely not the only thing that is exciting. The hikes were wonderful. I didn’t realize I was such a good climber (I did everything I could to avoid falling in the water) I highly recommend the two hikes I went on if you ever find yourself near Portland, Oregon!

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