Makeup Jobs, Why I Love Makeup

Hi everyone!

Today I wanted to write about a few of the makeup job experiences I had and why I love makeup. I’ve done a few makeup jobs – prom makeup, bridesmaids makeup and even one wedding party (Hey Kat^.^). These jobs are always so fun for me to do. I am not a professional makeup artist, everything I know I have taught myself so it really is an honor when someone thinks I’m good enough to do their makeup, especially for something as special as a wedding.

My favorite experience was the wedding party I did back in September 2015. Being a part of someone’s special day is exciting but it also puts the pressure on! Luckily, my client (and friend) was so mellow and laid back. We had done a trial months before so I got a feel for what she was looking for- something subtle, fresh, yet elegant. I went with with a brown/gold slightly smokey eye. I did not only the bride’s makeup but most of the wedding party which included 3 girls and the mother of the bride as well. It was a full day of work but seeing them all afterwards taking their pictures really brought such a joy to me! They all loved their makeup (unless they lied to me :P) and I was so proud of myself for pulling this off.

Makeup isn’t just makeup to me. It’s not about how you look after all the makeup, how much attention one can get when wearing makeup, it’s about  how it makes you feel (as cheesy as that sounds). My favorite part of doing other people’s makeup is how they can go from wearing hardly any makeup on a regular day basis, to feeling like an absolute princess. The bride I worked on raved about her makeup, told me that everyone complimented her throughout the night and it truly made my heart want to explode! Being able to give that to someone is so special.

I hope that I can continue to grow and learn more about makeup. I hope to be able to bring the gift of feeling wonderful about yourself to others and I hope that I can inspire anyone reading this to just do what you love! It’s not always easy and trust me when I say, I do makeup looks on myself and absolutely hate them, even after I spent an hour doing it. Practice makes perfect! And patience is key. So thank you, makeup, for making me feel like I have a purpose!

Here’s a picture of me doing the bride’s makeup (left) and on the right is a bridesmaid’s makeup I did just last weekend. I didn’t get a good close up of the bride (boo).

Thanks for reading! xx


6 thoughts on “Makeup Jobs, Why I Love Makeup

  1. Your so great at makeup! You really do inspire me to keep playing with makeup. I love makeup although I still cant do a great smokey eye and stuff like that yet. But i do spend a lot of time doing my own makeup and its so fun to be able to do my friends makeup aswell. You really do inspire me to keep trying with makeup!

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