Travel Must-Haves

Hi readers!

I am so excited to be writing about my travel essentials today. I am even more excited that I’ll be going on vacation, starting tomorrow! My family and I are traveling to Costa Ricaaaa! Clearly, I cannot wait.

With traveling comes packing, which is not always fun. I somehow always feel like I’m forgetting something! I wanted to write about my absolute must-haves when traveling. This of course can change, depending on where I’m traveling to. Because I am going to Costa Rica, I have to pack according to the weather and humidity.

Heat + makeup= hot mess if not done correctly. For that reason, these following things are my must-haves!


  • Face Lotion– This is a MAJOR KEY for me. I cannot leave my house in the morning without applying my face lotion let alone go on a trip and not bring my face lotion! This Aveeno Positively Radiant lotion has been my absolute go-to for the last 6+ years. Make sure you bring lotion to keep your skin hydrated!
  • The Right Foundation– While traveling, weather plays a huge part in what makeup products you should take with you. Because Costa Rica is hot and humid, I wanted to bring a light-weight foundation that has medium to full coverage but is not thick, as I do not want my face feeling like it’s melting off. For that reason, I picked up Tarte’s Rainforest of the Sea foundation. This foundation is light-weight, coverage is build-able, and it even has SPF! This is perfect for traveling to somewhere that is hot and humid.
  • Bronzer– I obviously need to have that JLO bronzy look while away on a tropical vacation so of course, bronzers are a must-have for me! I packed my MAC- Give Me Sun bronzer because it is a warmer tone and will give you that sunkissed look. I also packed my City Color Beach Beauty Bronzer because it has a sheerness to it and gives that glowy, bronzed look.
  • Highlighter– We can’t simply be bronzed without adding some highlight! I want to shine like a diamond while enjoying a nice dinner on the beach because, duh. I have a serious love for MAC-Soft and Gentle so this baby is coming with me! This will really have me looking like JLO, which is always the goal.
  • Makeup Wipes– Do NOT forget these babies! Makeup wipes are incredibly convenient. They can keep you feeling fresh on icky planes and most importantly, get your makeup off at the end of a long day exploring! I get the Kirkland brand from Costco so I have an endless supply that should last me for the rest of the year. Thanks, Costco!
  • Sunscreen– Another extremely important item to NOT forget. Although both my foundation and body lotion have SPF in it, I want to be extra careful and apply sunscreen before both my foundation and body lotion. Vacations mean long days out in the sun and making sure you are protected from the intense sun is so important, I can’t stress it enough!
  • Setting Spray– This little gem is an absolute must-have when traveling. Again, setting spray can help you stay fresh while on the plane but most importantly, it’ll help keep your makeup on throughout your entire day of exploring. I love this NYX Matte Finish Setting Spray because it is affordable and the perfect traveling size. They do have a “Dewy” finish setting spray but because the weather will be humid, it’s best to not overload on the dew.
  • Mascara– Take your favorite mascara with you! Obviously fake lashes are only going to be worn if I have a nice, fancy dinner with my family but they’re definitely not going to be used on a daily basis. For that reason, make sure to bring your favorite mascara that makes you look fresh and awake! My favorite, if you haven’t noticed by now in my previous posts, is Benefit Roller Lash.
  • Lipsticks– Makeup is going to be very limited when traveling to tropical destinations. For that reason, bring some of your favorite, fun lipsticks to add a little glam! I don’t know about you guys, but I will be taking pictures all day and I don’t want to look like a zombie! Lipstick always adds a nice touch so I’ll be bringing this NYX Matte Lip- Indie Flick as it is the perfect,  bright red. I’ll also be bringing some nudes and maybe a pink or two ;).

What are some of your travel must-haves? This is not my entire list- I will of course be bringing other items that one absolutely needs while traveling (underwear, for one, concealer, brow pencil, etc!) but this list is my basic top 9 (ha!). I will not be posting next week but I look forward to coming back and blogging about my trip to Costa Rica. Cheers!


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