My Wishlist

Happy hump day, readers!

I thought I would try a new post talking about all things on my wish list. There are some exciting trips in the near future that I have to save for so I reallyyyy can’t buy any new makeup :(. Maybe writing about what I want will make me feel better (but probably not, hehe).

First, this incredibleeee Melt Cosmetics eye shadow stack in “Rust” ($58). When I think about it, I haven’t gotten ANY eye shadows since I bought the Tartelette In Bloom palette which was way too long ago. This stack is just all around perfect. If you’re not familiar with these stacks, they are a magnetic stack so it is great for traveling. It has the lighter shades which are ideal for transition colors and then it has the darker shadows, ideal for a smokey look. I need this in my lifeee! I will own it in a few months, trust me ;).


Next up on my wishlist is the Anastasia of Beverly Hills glow kit in Sun Dipped ($40). Do I even have to explain why I want this beauty? HIGHLIGHT IS EVERYTHING TO ME! No, seriously, it’s probably my favorite part of the makeup process. I swatched these babies at my local Sephora and they are all so pigmented which means this kit would last you forever! There is a mix of bronzed shades and lighter shades.Again, something like this is perfect for on the go.


Lastly, even though my list could truly go on and on, I’ve been dying for this Girlactik Matte Lip Paint in Stripped ($23). I have to be honest and say that the only reason I don’t have this is because it’s been out of stock forever! I saw Desi Perkins use this in one of her videos and immediately fell in love. It’s the perfect peach and I’m always looking for a perfect peach. I have yet to find one as somehow peaches always look either to nude or too orange on me. Can’t wait to get this when it’s in stock!


What are some things on your wishlist? I’m almost scared to ask this as my wishlist might just get longer and longer- I’m willing to take that risk 😉 xoo


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