#MOTD- Outlined Liner

Happy Friday!! Aren’t those two words just beautiful?

Within the last few months, I have seen this “outlined liner” look. I completely made this name up, I’m not sure if there’s an actual name for this.. It’s basically a winged liner where instead of the winged liner being completely black, you fill it in with whatever color/glitter you want- which is why I call it “outlined liner” because you’re essentially doing a wing and outlining it with black liner.

I was inspired to do this look when I saw Lauren Curtis (Australian Youtube Beauty Blogger) upload a video with this look. I had seen other beauty bloggers do it before- MannyMua, and I believe Desi Perkins did a look like this as well. I went ahead and tried it and it actually isn’t as hard as one might think.  A tip that I learned: do the colored/glitter liner first like you would normally do a winged liner and THEN outline it with black. I first did it by creating the outlined wing and then proceeded to fill it in. Now, although this isn’t a bad technique, it does create more work as you will likely get the colored/glitter fill-in onto the outlined liner- forcing you to redo that black outlined liner over and over.

I paired this look with one of my favorite lashes, Koko Lashes in Queen B. This paired absolutely beautiful with the liner! I was so happy with the outcome.

Here’s my inspiration. Check Lauren Curtis Youtube Channel here.

FullSizeRender (00000007)

And here is my attempt!

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Let me know what you think of this look!

*One last thing, I officially hit 1k followers on my Instagram WOOHOO!! I hope that this is only the beginning 🙂 If you haven’t already, please check out my instagram and follow me! Click here to follow  beautyandjess

Thanks for reading! xx


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