Writers block…

Totally a thing, right? Lately, I’ve been a little less present on my blog. Sometimes (a lot lately) I struggle with coming up with posts that are different. You always see the typical product review posts, unboxing posts, haul posts, etc. Now while all of these are great, I want to make sure that my blog has a little more depth and shows a little more of my personal side- I want to make sure my followers/readers get to know me on another level. I haven’t come up with a solution quite yet but I thought writing about my thoughts is already bringing more personality to my page. Let me know if you ever feel this way and what you did to shake it. What else would you guys like to read/get to know about me?



2 thoughts on “Writers block…

  1. Totally feel you. Sometimes i have ideas & thoughts that just sit pondering in my mind and i can’t overcome the barrier to get myself into gear and express them! I want to make sure i’m conveying my thoughts well enough through my writing so it feels genuine. I guess the best way to overcome it is to just open up, start typing and let it flow… even if you don’t publish anything at first (i should listen to my own advice, easier said than done, i know 😉 The Liebster award was a great way for me to open up, be vulnerable, while giving a bit of structure along the way. Good luck, keep doing what you’re doing xx

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