Fall makeup trends I’m excited for

Makeup lovers! Let’s chat…

What I am about to say sounds incredibly ridiculous BUT, fall is coming up. Yes, that’s right. Somehow this year has managed to completely fly by. We have about 1 month and a week (Fall officially starts Sept. 22) so it inspired me to discuss upcoming fall trends.

Fall is my absolute favorite season of all time. Probably because my birthday is in October 😉 but there’s also something about the leaves turning yellow and following off the trees, the crisp/cold wind, and over-sized sweaters!! I would say I’m ready for Fall to begin. I checked out this Vogue article that talks about Fall beauty trends for 2016 and to sum it up- edgy black liner, glitter, dark lips, ‘Twiggy lashes’, and fluorescent makeup is what is in for this Fall. Now, this is typically based off what the models in NY Fashion Week are rocking during the Fall fashion shows that kick off at the beginning of the year. While some of these are a little extreme (check out the crazy black liner looks), some of these I am excited for!

Dark lips. Yes. Duh. Who doesn’t love throwing on an over-sized sweater, boots and a dark lip to pull their look together during a good ol’ Fall day? My favorite has to be berry tone lipsticks. Deep pink, deep purple, deep red, GIVE IT TO ME! While I love glitter as much as the next girl does, I’m interested to see if glitter will really take off in the fall. The same goes for fluorescent themed looks.A good pop of color is always fun but again, I’m interested to see how people will pull this off in the fall.

What are some of your favorite Fall traditions/trends? I hope you enjoy this post! xx


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