Top 5 Favorite Lipsticks

It’s Saturday! Let’s take a moment to appreciate that please…

Moving on, I thought it would be fun to post about my top 5 favorite lipsticks at the moment. It’s easy to get caught up in all the new products coming out (trust me, I’m a victim of this) whether it’s new foundations, highlighters, and as of recently, liquid lipsticks. Although I dream of one day having every new lipstick, it’s not really necessary. I look at my collection now and there’s colors I haven’t touched in forever only because I forget about them! So I thought about posting this to remind you all- we don’t need new things all the time, take a look at what you have now and work with it! So here goes

  1. MAC Lipstick in Kinda Sexy. This lipstick is just beautiful. It’s a mauvy color with pink undertones. Perfect for day or night! This color is flattering on all different skin tones. The name is extremely fitting because I think it gives just the right touch of sexy. It’s not too much, not too little, just the perfect amount.This will be a lipstick I will continue to buy.
  2. Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick in Ashton. If you’re a subscriber to my page, you already know that I have posted a review about this bad boy. This lipstick really just gives me life. Ashton is more of a camel-brown lipstick. Again, perfect for day or night. I get compliments every time I wear this lipstick. You can really pair it with any eye look. Because it is a newer shade of ABH’s liquid lipsticks, I think the formula is updated and it is much creamier than the first set of liquid lipsticks ABH came out with. It is just true perfection.
  3. Kylie Cosmetics Lipstick in Heir. This isn’t your typical lipstick. Heir is a part of Kylie’s Metal lipsticks collection. It is a peachy, gold metallic and it’s just beautiful (I think I’m saying beautiful a lot in this post, whoops!). I love this lipstick by itself or on top of any nude/pinky/peachy lipsticks. Why this is one of my favorite lipsticks at the moment is because the metal aspect of the lipstick brings a little “ooh!”, if you get what I mean. It just kicks up your typical lipstick by a notch because of that gold metal feature. Love!
  4. MAC Lipstick in Russian Red. Obviously you need a red in your top favorite lipsticks collection. Oh this red, it’s just the absolute perfect red. Not too bright, not too deep. It is the classic red every girl should have. Seriously, if you don’t have this lipstick yet, close this post out and buy it now. Only con about this lipstick is that because it is matte, it’s a tad drying. Tip: put on a lip balm before putting any matte lipstick on and that fixes the drying issue 98% of the time.
  5. NYX Lipstick in Indie Flik. This lipstick is a really fun red-orange. Not only is it extremely afforadble ($5.99) but the consistency is fabulous. It is creamy yet still matte. My favorite way to wear this lipstick is with a full face of makeup, no shadow, and this lipstick as a pop of color. I wore this a lot this summer and got compliments every time! Rock this to a party, BBQ, the beach, and call it a day for the rest of your makeup!

Here are some swatches from top to bottom- Indie Flik, Russian Red, Heir, Ashton and Kinda Sexy.

FullSizeRender (00000007)

To see these colors on me, check out my Instagram where I posted a video! IG: beautyandjess

Thanks for reading!! xo


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