2016 Emmys Fashion and Makeup

Hi beauties*

I have to admit that I didn’t actually watch the Emmys last night but I always check out what the celebs were wearing and of course, who had the best makeup.

While it seems that most celebs were pretty safe, Emily Ratajkowski took a a huge risk and rocked a dramatic blue smokey eye, paired with a beautiful navy blue dress. I can’t say it’s my favorite makeup or outfit of the night, but I do applaud her for taking a risk and pulling it off. What doesn’t this chick pull off?


My favorite makeup of the night goes to Olivia Culpo. Her makeup was sultry and sexy, and even had a pop of color in the waterline (which I’m always a fan of). Besides the waterline, the rest of her makeup was neutral yet paired well with her outfit. A+, Olivia!


My favorite look of the night goes to Emilia Clarke. I may be biased because I love her, but I thought she looked incredible in her Versace dress and her makeup, although simple, complimented the dress and it all came together perfectly. Let us all bow down to Daenery’s, shall we?


Did you watch the Emmy’s last night? Who was your favorite? Comment below! xx



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