Goodbye Birch Box, Hello Ipsy!

Happy almost Friday!! I cannot wait for this week to be over, guys…

As you must know from the title, I have sadly said goodbye to Birch Box and hello to ipsy. I was thinking of making the switch for a month or so and finally did it.

Nothing against Birch Box at all! It was actually quite lovely receiving their incredibly cute boxes  and sample products every month. BUT (there’s always a but, isn’t there?) I made the switch because as you guys all know, makeup is my jam. Many of the  Birch Box samples were dry shampoos (I swear I received a sample of a different dry shampoo in every single box), sunscreen (also received sunscreen in 3/5 boxes) and although there was always 2-3 things I liked in the box, I really wanted to be getting samples of new MAKEUP products! I would only get about 1 makeup sample per box, the rest of the samples were geared towards hair and some skincare.

Ipsy is centered more around makeup. Lipsticks, blush, primers, mascara etc. which is basically everything I’m looking for. My first bag should come this month and I will report back to you guys to let you know how I feel about my switch. In the meantime, if you’re interested in trying Ipsy, here’s my referral link in which we both receive points if you use it to sign up! Xoxo




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