Oh, New York. How I love you so…

Hi beauty lovers!

I am officially back from my NY trip and officially back to reality (boo). New York was everything I imagined and more. From the incredible buildings, to the hustle and bustle going on at any hour of the day, New York is just what you see on the TV times 100.

Luckily we got to hit everything we had on our agenda- Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty, SOHO, Rockefeller Center, Brooklyn Bridge, Central Park, Ground Zero and a ton of food spots too. The highlight of my trip was boating in Central Park. The day was absolutely perfect! The sun was shining but a coat was still necessary (which is my favorite type of weather!). Central Park is just perfection. People everywhere! We saw people singing, kids playing with bubbles, couples having a picnic- it really is just a beautiful place. If I lived in New York, I’d probably be there every weekend.

This trip was a trip of a lifetime! I’m so grateful to my amazing boyfriend who gifted me this as my 25th birthday gift. Spending time with him and the rest of our friends made this trip a memory I will never forget. I can’t wait to go back to NY one day but for now, here are some pics for you all to check out. I’ll be working on my vlog this week so I can hopefully have it up this weekend! New York, you were a beaut. Cannot wait to see you again! xo



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