Drugstore Appreciation Post!

Hi beauties!

As I was doing my makeup this morning, I realized I have yet to blog about my absolute FAVORITE drugstore products so here we are.

Like I mentioned in my “Favorite Drugstore Foundation” post, drugstore makeup often gets a bad rep- sometimes fair, sometimes not. There are so many products at the drugstore that are just as good as high-end products BUT there are also a lot of products that just aren’t good quality. With that being said, here are some of my favorite drugstore products!

*LA Girl Cosmetics Conceal HD Concealer. This baby goes for the high price (not) of $2.99. YES, $2.99. This concealer is ahhhhmazing and it is a part of my everyday makeup routine. Although high-end concealers are (most of the time) amazing as well, it kills me to use such expensive products and using them up for days when I’m simply going to work or running errands. This concealer has plenty of coverage, there are a ton of shades to choose from, it lasts all day, and you just cannot beat the price of $2.99. You can find this concealer at Walgreens, CVS, Amazon, or the LA Girl Cosmetics website. I currently have 1 that I’m using and 2 brand new ones just ready to be used. I’m obsessed.

*Maybelline Dream Pure BB Cream. This BB cream is my go-to! I never saw the point in spending anything over $10 for a BB cream since the purpose of a BB cream is to be a simple, lightweight, (almost) foundation. This BB Cream is $8.99 and can be found at any drugstore.  This lightweight cream color corrects my skin and gives me light, but just enough, coverage. I prefer the “Pure” BB Cream because it does have ingredients to help fight acne if I do have a blemish that wants to come out and party. This has been my go-to BB Cream for years!

*Rimmel London Stay Matte Pressed Powder. This is my favorite drugstore setting powder! To be fair, this is the only one I’ve tried from the drugstore BUT that’s because I tried this once and fell in love. This powder does not feel too powdery (some powders tend to have that chalky feel), it brightens my under-eyes and helps my concealer not crease! I’ve had my powder for about 2 years now and just barely hit pan so one compact definitely goes a long way.

*Milani Baked Blush. These babies are gorgeous blushes! The pigment is incredible and there are a lot of colors to choose from. My favorite thing about these blushes (besides the $7.99 price) is that the quality is phenomenal. It’s buttery, goes on smoothly and the finish is just beautiful. It’s not shimmery but it leaves a nice, sheen look. My favorite is the oh-so famous “Luminoso”. The perfect peachy color!

*L’Oreal Paris Voluminous Miss Manga Rock Mascara. This mascara is amazingggg!! (Okay, I know I’ve used that word a lot but I’m serious!). I picked this bad girl up at TJ Maxx for $3.99 and boy am I glad I did. This mascara makes my lashes long and defined which is my favorite type of eyelash look. I know some people enjoy the clumped up mascara look but I love being able to get my lashes to look full without the clump. The only downside to this mascara is that it takes forever to come off- which can be a good and bad thing. It has quickly become my everyday mascara. For under $5, I’ll take all of them please!



Let me know some of your go-to drugstore makeup products. It’s always nice to find an amazing product for a reasonable amount of money. I hope you enjoyed this post! xo


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