Favorite Fall Peep Toe Booties

Happy Hump day!

I wanted to share with you guys these Vince Camuto peep toe booties that I’ve been obsessed with since I got them earlier this summer. They are perfect for any season  really, but because I got mine in the “Beige” (more like cognac) color, it goes with all my fall burnt orange I’ve been rocking lately. My favorite thing about these booties are how comfortable they are. The heel is only 2.5in so it’s perfect for work- I wear them to work all the time! Usually on days when I’m going out for dinner or drinks afterwards because they look and feel dressy. I always feel super fancy when I wear these at work because I typically wear flats. These booties go perfect with my dresses and skinny jeans. I do have to say I was turned off by the Velcro sides but after seeing them, I don’t mind them at all- in fact I think the velcro helps the comfort since the sides of the booties don’t run up against your ankles.

Best part about these booties is that they’re now an additional 25% off! Don’t you just love when you buy something and 3 months later they’re on sale *sarcastic voice* BUT I am excited that you can take advantage of this sale. $89.95 with an additional 25% off is an absolute steal for these booties. GET ‘EM WHILE THEY’RE HOT!

What fall booties are you loving? I’m always keeping my eye out for booties since I hate wearing heels, booties are a nice in between since they’re still comfortable and dressy at the same time. Let me know what you think of these in the comments below!

xx, Jess



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