Product Review: Tatcha The Water Cream

And the cold has officially hit the Bay Area!

When I say cold, I mean it’s less than 65 degrees here which is cold for us Californians! The air is crisp, the ground is wet, and I can finally wear long sleeves again. All of these fall things are wonderful but the cold also brings dry skin. Overall, my skin is combination- some areas oily, others dry. I’ve been seeing the rave reviews on the Tatcha The Water Cream moisturizer and have been wanting to get my hands on it. Luckily for me, my birthday was last month and my sister got it for me. Let’s get into my thoughts on this product!

Firstly, the packaging is perfect. Typical Tatcha blue, nothing too fancy but my favorite part about it is the little spoon (?) that comes with the product to use for application- it’s a nice touch to the packaging. Next, the cream itself is an oil free, anti-aging moisturizer that’s filled with rich nutrients to leave the skin feeling nourished and clear. My first impression wasn’t the best, initially- when you apply the cream to the skin, it doesn’t just soak into your skin and that’s because of its water base. After about 15 seconds after applying the product, the cream finally settles and it leaves your skin feeling tight (in a good way), bright, and moisturized. My biggest pet peeve is feeling dry, so if this cream didn’t soak into the skin the way it does, I’d probably return it. You’d think that because of the water base, you’d be left feeling dry after a few hours- NOT the case here! I feel moisturized throughout the day, never feeling like I have to re-moisturize.

The price point of this baby is pretty high (for my wallet, at least) coming in at $68.00. Although that is expensive, I can absolutely justify this price point. When it comes to your skin, you want to invest in the good stuff. Because of the ingredients in this cream, this moisturizer is nurturing your skin with ingredients like green tea, rice, algae, and several other Japanese nutrients that are known to be non-irritating, restoring and purifying. It’s also important that it is anti-aging. I’m 26 and the time is now to make sure I’m using the right products on my face to keep my skin looking and feeling clean and free of chemical-induced products.

The jar is 1.7oz and I am going to estimate that it would last me 4-5 months (keep you posted!). A little cream goes a long way because it is so hydrating. You don’t want to use a handful and then walk around all day with an overly-glowing face. Speaking of glowing, this cream leaves you having a healthy glow and radiant finish.

Needless to further say, I absolutely love this water cream. The overall sentiment I have for this moisturizer is that it leaves your skin feeling youthful. If you’re debating on getting this, ask Sephora for a sample and try it out for yourself! I can say that I’ll continue to buy this product (sorry, wallet) and am excited to see how the nutrient-rich cream keeps my skin looking and feeling healthy.





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