Color Concealing 101

Hi my sweet readers! Today we are talking about color concealing. I literally had to scroll down all my blog posts to see if I've talked about this because I seriously can't believe that I haven't talked about this yet! Color concealing is one of my favorite makeup tricks. It's basically using specific color concealers [...]


Goodbye Birch Box, Hello Ipsy!

Happy almost Friday!! I cannot wait for this week to be over, guys... As you must know from the title, I have sadly said goodbye to Birch Box and hello to ipsy. I was thinking of making the switch for a month or so and finally did it. Nothing against Birch Box at all! It [...]

Kylie Cosmetics- Dirty Peach Lipkit Review

First things first, hello October! My favorite month of the year. Not only because it's my birthday month but because this is when it officially starts feeling like fall. Colder weather, holidays coming up, family parties, could you ask for anything more? I took advantage of the one day free shipping sale that Kylie Cosmetics hosted [...]